State House panel wraps up testimony on Common Core school standards

Michigan Public Radio Network

A state House panel is ready to make its recommendation on whether Michigan should continue to implement a set of nationwide standards.

Supporters of the Common Core state standards may have reason to be optimistic.

Lawmakers passed a budget earlier this year that blocked the state from spending any money to implement Common Core. The House panel has spent more than 15 hours this summer hearing testimony from both supporters and opponents of the standards. Now they’re ready to move forward.

Panel chair Tim Kelly said he won’t know what the recommendation will be until he has more discussions with other members.

“If a vote was taken today, I think there would be an affirmative action and I would be one of those votes,” Kelly said.

That’s an affirmative action to reinstate funding to implement Common Core.

Kelly said the standards would ensure more Michigan students would be ready for college and careers. Opponents said they would strip local control and have not been proven to be effective.

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