Report: Michigan workers have less spending power now than 30 years ago

Michigan Public Radio Network

A new report shows some troubling trends for wages in Michigan.

The study shows most workers in the state have less spending power now than they did three decades ago.

When adjusted for inflation, the median wage in Michigan is seven percent lower than in 1982. That’s according to the report from the left-leaning Michigan League for Public Policy.

Spokesperson Judy Putnam said an increasing amount of people have had a tough time earning enough to support their families.

“We have a growing share of what we call ‘poverty wage;’ you can work full time, but you can’t get your family out of poverty,” Putnam said.

The report also shows that while white workers saw their spending power drop one percent over three decades, African American workers suffered a 24-percent decrease during the same time.

The Michigan League for Public Policy said better access to post-secondary education and a higher state minimum wage would help address the issue.

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