Search continues for two runaway teens


Police in and around Mt. Pleasant are continuing their search for two runaway teens who have been missing for a week today.

13-year old Jayden Thomas of Clare and 14-year old Braxton Wood of Mt Pleasant are believed to be driving a 2005 Ford Explorer. Private Investigator Mike Cook said it’s been has been confirmed that the teens had been on the Mackinac Bridge Thursday night. Additionally, he said cellphone “pings” have shown the teens were in the Greater Grand Rapids area, Lansing and also in the Mt. Pleasant area.

Cook said it’s believed the teens have, what he calls, a small amount of cash, and some items that they may be able to sell or pawn.

Police working the case said it’s very unusual for runaway teens to be missing for so long.  Officials said they’re counting on the public’s help to bring the two home. The important thing, said Sgt. Tim Swanson with the Isabella County Sheriff’s department is for anyone who sees the teens to act quickly, “A lot of times, a tip will come in to us, by the time we get to investigate the tip it might be 12-hours old. If somebody sees the vehicle outside of our area, if they could call their local 911 and get a local law enforcement to that area quicker, we might be able to grab onto the teens so we can get them home to their parents.”

Police are asking the public to remain alert and to continue watching for the teens.

Photos of the two missing teens and their vehicle can be viewed here.