Senate, House votes could lay to rest Medicaid drama

Michigan Public Radio Network

Governor Rick Snyder hopes to have a bill on his desk by the end of Tuesday that would extend Medicaid health coverage to thousands of working poor people in Michigan.

Final votes are needed in the state Senate and the state House before the bill goes to Governor Snyder. The Senate needs to deal with a procedural issue to allow the expanded coverage to begin January first. Otherwise, the state could lose more than 600 million dollars in federal subsidies, and more than 300 thousand people would have to wait until early spring to become eligible for coverage. Then the state House must concur with the Senate version of the Medicaid expansion. That’s not expected to be a big problem since the House has already voted once for a Medicaid expansion bill. Nevertheless, it has been difficult to get many Republicans to go along with the expansion, which is a central and controversial component of the federal Affordable Care Act.

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