Snyder: Medicaid expansion a “bright day for Michigan”

Michigan Public Radio Network

Governor Rick Snyder said he looks forward to signing a Medicaid expansion bill when he returns in a couple of weeks from a trade mission to Asia. In the meantime, the state will continue to negotiate with the federal government on the program.

The Legislature voted to require working poor people on Medicaid to have healthcare savings accounts. The measure also calls for incentives for people to adopt healthy behaviors. Those both require approval by the federal government.

James Haveman is the director of the Michigan Department of Community Health. He said that should not be a problem.

“The federal government really wants Michigan to be part of this, and I think they’re going to move this waiver along as fast as they can. They have certain benchmarks and timelines that they have to follow, but they’re partnering with us on this,” Haveman said.

The federal government has a target of signing up 66 million people for the expanded Medicaid program. Michigan has a target of 360 thousand working poor people for the sign-up period that ends March 31st.

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