Missing teenagers found safe in Chicago


Two mid-Michigan teenagers missing since late last month have been found safe in Chicago.

13-year-old Jayden Thomas of Clare and 14-year-old Braxton Wood of Mount Pleasant went missing August 26. Cell phone traces and traffic cameras traced them to the Mackinac Bridge, Grand Rapids, Lansing and Mount Pleasant, but it was in Chicago where they were found earlier Sunday.

Mike Cook is a private investigator who was tracking down the teens. He said he heard from a tipster named Mark this Sunday morning.

“He had seen it on a national broadcast this morning, Sunday. And he saw Braxton throwing some trash away at a gas station, and had called 911, made them aware of it. He had stayed there to make sure they were arriving, and was making us aware,” Cook said.

Cook said the teens were taken into custody in Chicago, where they will be reunited with their families.

They are scheduled to appear at a hearing in Probate Court Monday morning.