Bill would cut off unemployment for failed drug test

Michigan Public Radio Network

Under a proposal in Lansing, out-of-work Michiganders would lose their unemployment benefits if they fail a drug test.

That’s if someone doesn’t get a job they’ve applied for because they fail or refuse to take a drug test.

Under the legislation, the state would view that person the same way it views people who turn down a suitable job offer. That would disqualify someone from receiving unemployment benefits.

The bill, HB 4952, is similar to another one that stalled earlier this year. But this time it’s attached to other legislation.

Those bills deal with cutting fraud and abuse related Lawmakers have written the bills so that all of them need to pass for any to become law. In other words, lawmakers would have to approve the drug testing bill for any of the others to take effect.

The state House Commerce Committee is set to take up the legislation this week.

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