MI Supreme Court asked to decide fate of “medibles”

Michigan Public Radio Network

A medical marijuana cardholder has appealed a drug possession conviction to the Michigan Supreme Court. The appeal seeks clarification on how the law views putting marijuana or its active ingredient into baked goods.

Earl Caruthers was stopped with some THC-laced brownies in the back of his car. He also had some pot in plastic bags, and was driving on a suspended license. But he’s only challenging a conviction related to the brownies. The Oakland County Circuit Court allowed the prosecutor to use the entire weight of the brownies as evidence that Carruthers possessed more than the two and a half ounces allowed under the state’s medical marijuana law. He said that’s not what voters wanted when they approved the law in 2008. He said that interpretation would essentially outlaw so-called “medibles.” He said not everyone can, should, or wants to smoke marijuana that they’re otherwise legally entitled to use.

There’s no word on when or if the Michigan Supreme Court will decide whether to take the case.

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