Study looks at impact of excessive drinking


The Michigan Department of Community Health said plans to work with local community partners and the Department of Education to address the problem of binge drinking in Michigan youth.

A recently released study by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention shows that excessive alcohol use, also known as binge drinking, is costing the state $8.2 billion annually.

Angela Minicuci is the spokesperson for Michigan’s Department of Community Health.

She said there are concerns not only from the economic impact but also findings that reflect that the number of high school youth who report binge drinking is equal to the percentage of adults who binge drink nationally.

“We’re working with local community partners as well as the Department of Education on some school and adolescent programs that address underage drinking and what can be done to prevent it. Some of our main concerns is the fact that this is something that impacts someones life much much further down the line than just the night of drinking. It could have very serious health impact,” Minicuci said.

Minicuci said, excessive alcohol consumption is responsible for an average of 2,700 deaths and 79,000 years of potential life lost in Michigan each year.