Deluge of rain washes out main roads on Sugar Island


Sugar Island MI

Travel on Sugar Island is said to be “significantly impacted” today as seven roads suffered major wash outs.

A deluge of rain Monday night, five inches in five hours, damaged many of the island’s main roads.

Early damage estimates are being put at well over a million dollars.  More than half the island’s homes are cut off from the rest of the island.

Chippewa county Emergency Manager Tim McKee said, in the short term, emergency crews are hoping to restore at least one lane of each affected road, “We think that we’ll be able to access most of the people by the end of the week.  We predict though, that under some of the hard-surfaced roads, there could be some undermining underneath that pavement that we’re not really capturing yet, and we won’t see it until the flooding subsides significantly.”

McKee said huge culverts were destroyed, road gravel was washed into garages and at least half a dozen main roads have large sections completely washed away.

He said fortunately residents did not lose electricity or phone service

Emergency officials are asking people to stay away from Sugar Island while road repairs are underway.