Study shows Michigan ahead in “parent power”


Michigan placed just outside of the top-ten of a recent national study that ranked each state by the so-called power parents have when it comes to their children’s education.

The Center for Education Reform’s “Parent Power Index” ranked Michigan number 11.

Officials said the index was created to measure how much flexibility and responsibility each state gives to parents to directly make educational choices for their kids.

Kara Kerwin is the President of External Affairs with the Center for Education Reform.

She said the so-called “elements of power” include numbers of and access to charter schools, teacher quality, transparency and online learning.

“Based on those elements, we looked at the state policies, and not just necessarily the laws, but how those laws were being implemented to put parents in the driver’s seat. From there, each was scored and given, essentially, a GPA. From there, we were able to assess a score for all the elements of power,” Kerwin said.

Kerwin said the assessment calculated each state’s percentage of power.

No state, she said, had a higher percentage than 87 percent.