Governor Snyder to sign Medicaid expansion bill today

Michigan Public Radio Network

After months of political wrangling and debate, Governor Rick Snyder will sign into law Monday a plan to expand Medicaid in Michigan.

Attention now turns to implementing the program over the next several months.

The governor’s signature will likely mean hundreds of thousands of Michiganders will gain access to government-sponsored health care through the federal Affordable Care Act.

Michigan Department of Community Health Director Jim Haveman has been traveling across the state with Governor Snyder in recent months trying to build support for the measure.

“This is a win-win for the citizens of the state, for the people who don’t have health care. It’s a win for the provider. And I’m really pleased that the legislators supported it,” Haveman said.

Now it’s up to Haveman and his department to implement the plan and get it approved by the federal government. And he’ll have a little more time to do that than he originally thought. The expansion probably won’t take effect until March or April because of a procedural roadblock in the state Legislature.

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