Repairs begin following Sugar Island floods


Traffic is picking up on Sugar Island today after several major roads in the area were washed out.

Monday evening, seven major roads on the island were damaged due to five inches of rain in five hours.

Tim McKee is the Chippewa County Emergency Manager.

He said many of the culverts have washed down stream, leaving ditches in the middle of the roads.

“All of the roads have, at least, a single lane reestablished. So that we can make sure we can address some of the areas where we have people living, so we can get to them and emergency services would be able to respond to them,” McKee said.

McKee said the traffic from the detours is piling up on roads that were not designed to handle that type of increased traffic.

He said he expects more damage to present itself after the water begins to wash away.

Roughly $80,000 has been spent to repair the area. McKee said he expects the total repairs to cost around $1.5 million.