Huron County clears way for new wind farm


A new wind farm is on it’s way to Huron county, in the thumb region of the state.

Last week the Michigan Public Service Commission has approved a power purchase agreement between DTE Electric Company and the Big Turtle Wind Farm.

The agreement is for 20 megawatts of energy which is enough to power about 9,000 homes.

Judy Palnau is the spokeswoman for the Michigan Public Service Commission.

“This will be a wind farm that uses more than 50 percent Michigan sourced content so the materials, the components, the logistics, and the labor will all be Michigan sourced. So even the parts of the wind turbine for example will be more than 50 percent Michigan made. Which is good news for Michigan’s economy,” Palnau said.

Palnau said, the new wind farm will cover 2,800 acres and house 10 wind turbines.

She said construction will begin later this year  in order to take advantage of a federal tax credit.

Delivery of electricity will begin in 2014.