MHSDA awards $2 million in housing grants


The Michigan State Housing Development Authority has awarded over $2 million in housing resource fund grants to seven counties and three cities.

Grant money being awarded to Michigan counties and cities will go towards home rehabilitation and emergency repair projects.

According to he state housing authority the projects that stem from the grants will create a positive and sustained community impact.

Patricia Lowrey is the housing director for Antrim County said,in many counties the money will be well spent. “ I think it’s very important, there’s a lot of need out there. All the counties are having backlog, this is my first time I haven’t. They just don’t have enough money to go around so, I think there’s a huge need.”

Antrim county has received $175,000, half of the money will go towards emergency repairs to homes and the other half to  strategically targeted areas.

Other counties being awarded are Emmet, Kalkaska, and Gladwin.