Michigan on target to meet renewable energy standards, could achieve more

Michigan Public Radio Network

Michigan conservation groups are touting a new report that says the state is well-positioned to ramp up renewable energy production. The state draft report shows sources such as wind and solar are becoming cheaper and more efficient.

Hugh McDiarmid is with the Michigan Environmental Council.

“The overwhelming weight of the evidence is stacking up on the side of the issue that says renewable energy makes a lot of economic sense, even absent the public health and environmental benefits of it. And the more weight of those studies and factual data that is compiled, the harder it’s going to be for politicians and others to oppose a move toward more renewable energies,” McDiarmid said.

Michigan utilities are required to generate ten percent of their energy using renewables by 2015. The state’s report says they’re on track to meet that requirement.

It said the state has the ability to achieve 30-percent or higher by 2035.

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