Rockstar joins forces with former President for a good cause


British rocker John Waite has joined forces with former U.S. President Bill Clinton to reduce patient deaths.

Waite, with some 40 years as a rock musician and songwriter, performed with Night Ranger in Sault Ste. Marie Sunday night.
He’s also becoming known to many in another area, that of philanthropy.

Waite recently joined forces with former Pres. Bill Clinton at an event aimed to sign up manufacturers and developers of health monitoring devices hoping to reduce unnecessary patient deaths in the USA.

“It was just great to witness that and all the positive energy and the people that were there and really trying to make a difference.  I just showed up and lent my name to it. I couldn’t really top Bill,” Waite said.

Waite’s friend is Iranian-born Joe Kiani, the medical entrepreneur who hosted the Patient Safety, Science and Technology conference where Waite and Clinton met up.

Kiani founded a medical technology company in 1989 and is active in efforts to reform U.S. health care and encourage medical innovation. He is scheduled to testify this week in front of a US Senate committee hearing on Patient Safety and Hospital Acquired Infections.

Kiani is trying to create a database where every doctor can have access to every patient’s complete medical history.

The rocker, 61, played Kewadin Casinos DreamMakers Theater in Sault Ste. Marie Sunday with Night Ranger. Waite has enjoyed two number one hits in America, ‘Missing You’ in 1984 and ‘When I See You Smile’ as lead singer with Bad English in 1989.