CMU events raise awareness during Banned Book Week


Central Michigan University is taking part in a world wide event known as Banned Book week.

Organizers said this week’s events are meant to celebrate the freedom to read, and all over the world people are gathering to read out loud from banned books.

Elizabeth Richard is the Program Director for the Riecker Literary Series at CMU.

She said some of the most common reasons books get banned is because people find the content subversive or inappropriate.

“ I don’t know that censoring books is a really a way to deal with subject matter that people find inappropriate. And it’s usually a group of people that for some reason feel it’s inappropriate and banned together and say we don’t want this book on bookshelves. And so libraries traditionally like the CMU libraries have become places where they have to draw the line and say no we have a freedom of information act and we believe in freedom of speech and books need to stay on the shelves,” Richard said.

Richard said, in the 1930s the Wizard of Oz was banned because people thought it was bad literature for children.

At one point, she said, the dictionary was also banned.

CMU is holding events for Banned Books week throughout campus.