Health officials raise concern over measles


A new report from the Centers for Disease Control has Michigan health officials once again calling for children to be vaccinated.

The CDC said Michigan is one of 16 states that have reported measles cases so far this year.

Health officials said the disease is rare in the U.S., but it could spread due to high levels of measles in other countries and frequent international travel.

Dr. Matthew Davis is the Chief Medical Executive for the state of Michigan in the Department of Community Health.

He said some parents are avoiding the vaccine due to misinformation.

“There has been increasing concern among members of the public, parents in particular, about the safety of the measles vaccine. and there’s a lot of information and rumors online about the measles vaccine being hazardous for kids. And while there is no risk-free type of medicine or vaccine, measles vaccine has been demonstrated to be safe and is not associated with autism or other particular concerns,” Davis said.

Dr. Davis said measles is “not something to be taken lightly.”

It can cause encephalitis, hospitalizations and even death.