Senate passes sex offender bills to prevent “loitering” near child care centers


The Michigan Senate Wednesday unanimously approved a bill that its sponsor calls “common sense.”

The measure would prohibit registered sex offenders from loitering within 1,000 feet of a child care center.

Republican Senator Darwin Booher sponsored the bill.

“And the bill came from a constituent back in my district that has a daycare center where this was happening.
These deals don’t just come from my thinking them up in the middle of the night, this was actually happening in my district, and that’s what brought the bill forward,” Booher said.

Booher said he began pushing for the legislation in 2011. He said it became bogged down in a discussion over what ‘loitering’ means.

Booher said wording was developed that satisfied him and his staff as well as the ACLU and the Michigan State Police.

The measure now goes to the State House.