Clare to receive grant for new industrial park


The City of Clare is set to receive a federal grant to develop a new industrial park. The hope is that it will lead to the creation of new, high-paying jobs.

The competitive grant of over $2.5-million is expected to cover roughly half of the project.

Officials said the grant is a critical investment to help grow the economy and make Clare a better place to expand business.

Ken Hibl is the City Manager of Clare.

He said the grant is not yet a done deal; it’s still preliminary.

“We do have a number of steps to go through the process. Formal notification will be the first of those and the secondarily, and most importantly, is that we have to demonstrate to the city commission that we can afford the local match and how we’re going to fund the money that we need to provide to make this happen,” Hibl said.

Hibl said he is optimistic to gather the remaining funds to complete the project.

He said he expects to fund the rest of the project through the city’s water and sewer funds and other loans and bonds.