DHS awarded grant to help eliminate identity theft


The state has received funding to help clients avoid identity theft within food assistance program accounts.

The Department of Human Services announced the $1.3-million grant last week.

Officials said the money will pay for the start up of an automated system that will assist clients enrolling in the program and help to lessen or avoid longer wait times.

Dave Ackerly is the Director of Communication with the DHS.

“Our goal here is to design a system where identities are both protected on our end, but able to be vetted and verified,” Ackerly said.

Ackerly said the DHS will work directly with Lexis-Nexis, commonly used for data and analytic solutions.

“And these are good people to work with on this because they are extremely, extremely connected to the online world, as well, with a reputation as well as anybody,” Ackerly said.

Ackerly said he expects the initiative to launched sometime in 2014.

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