Silent Spring exhibit continues at Alma College


An exhibit at Alma College is bringing attention to the history of environmental concerns.

The Exhibit is called Echoes of Silent Spring: 50 Years of Environmental Awareness. It takes a look at the history of the environmental movement through the lense of Rachel Carson’s 1962 book.

Ed Lorenz is a professor of history and political science at Alma College. He said the Silent Spring exhibit is particularly important in the Gratiot county area.

“It’s actually really good if people, especially in this region, get to understand this. We’re sitting right in the midst of the worlds greatest, most concentrated fresh water supply and we really need to have people in Michigan appreciate this history, because there’s a real danger we’re going to repeat it,” Lorenz said.

The Velsicol Chemical Company was one of the companies incriminated in Carson’s book.

Clean-up of the Velsicol plant in St.Louis is an ongoing effort.

The Silent Spring exhibit is free, open to the public and on display until October 22.