Early enrollment for Medicaid expansion delayed

Michigan Public Radio Network

Low-wage Michiganders hoping to sign up for the state’s expanded Medicaid program tuesday will have to wait weeks or even months to do so. State officials hoped to begin early enrollment for the so-called “Healthy Michigan” plan Tuesday. But the Michigan Department of Community Health is still working to set up the program.

The Medicaid expansion also still needs to be approved by the federal government.

Angela Minicuci is a spokesperson for the department. She said state officials still haven’t sent a waiver request to Washington.

“We’re still working on it, so we haven’t gotten it in yet. But we are trying to do that as soon as possible, because once we have the waiver we’ll be able to kind of set some more set-in-stone deadlines for when we’ll be able to get people enrolled and when they’ll be able to get coverage,” Minicuci said.

Minicuci said they are on track to have the Medicaid expansion up and running by the time it takes effect in March or April. In the meantime, she said people should make sure they’ll be eligible for Medicaid by going to healthcare-dot-gov.

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