State IDing federally funded workers

Michigan Public Radio Network

On the second day of the federal government shutdown, half a dozen national nature preserves in Michigan closed. And Michigan is in the process of identifying state employees paid with federal funds.

The state budget office said thousands of state employees whose jobs are funded through federal grants and programs would be laid off if the shutdown lasts more than a couple weeks. Some Michigan National Guard employees have already been sent home. Food assistance, housing subsidies, and school lunches could also run out of money in two weeks or less.

Governor Rick Snyder said it’s not fair that members of Congress are still paid while aid for needy families is in jeopardy.

“In my view, the federal government doesn’t even know how to shut down the federal government appropriately,” Snyder said.

State budget officials said Michigan doesn’t have enough money to cover the costs of assistance programs once federal funds run out.

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