Common Core a priority for the state Senate this week

Michigan Public Radio Network

The state Senate is expected this week to unveil its plan to fund the implementation of new student performance standards.

A number of senators are concerned about moving forward with the Common Core State Standards in Michigan.

A state Senate panel heard public testimony on Common Core last week. Most of the concerns raised at that hearing were similar to what a state House committee heard during more than 17 hours of testimony over the summer. Opponents say the standards strip local control and have not been proven to boost student performance.

But Common Core supporters said it provides clear expectations for what students should learn at every grade level. They said that means students moving between districts, or even states, will be on pace with their classmates.

The state House passed a resolution last month that would fund the implementation of Common Core. But Republican leaders in the Senate want to draft their own resolution addressing the issue. They hope to move it to the full Senate this week.

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