Senate leader not committed to taking up restrictions on abortion coverage

Michigan Public Radio Network

The Republican leader in the state Senate said he’s not committed to taking up a measure that would restrict abortion coverage. The group Right to Life of Michigan turned in more than 315-thousand signatures last week to send the measure to the Legislature. It would ban insurance companies from offering standard health plans that include abortion coverage. Women would have to purchase the coverage as a separate rider.

Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville said he doesn’t consider the proposal a top priority.

“We’re busy. We’ve got a lot of things going on. So we’ll look at it. Right to Life has been an organization that I’ve worked closely with over the years and will continue to. So we’ll have discussions,” Richardville said.

Right to Life’s signatures still need to be certified by a state board. If that happens, lawmakers will have 40 days to approve the law. Without legislative approval, the measure would go before Michigan voters.

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