Traverse City is hosting education conference this weekend


College and University teachers are gathering in Traverse City this weekend to discuss teaching strategies.

The Lilly Conference on College and University Teaching and Learning is a series of annual conferences across the nation.

The aim, organizers said, is to bring together teachers from higher education to learn about teaching and facilitate a conversation about higher education teaching methods.

While high school and elementary teachers are trained in classroom strategies University professors are trained in specific areas of expertise.

Todd Zakrajsek is the Director of this weekend’s event in Traverse City.

“The way we’re currently teaching, there are many aspect to it that are not that effective, so I think that conferences like this or anytime that faculty members will share and figure out techniques to be more effective in the classroom is incredibly important so we can help the students,” Zakrajsek said.

Zakrajsek said conferences like this, in his opinion,”really help teachers across the country to learn ways to engage students in higher education.”

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