FSU implements FAST program to promote financial literacy


One of the stresses a typical college student faces is money.

Earlier this year, a study from the Institute of College Access and Success showed that Ferris State University averaged the highest student debt load among public universities in Michigan.

Now, Ferris is launching a new initiative to educate students about financial literacy.

This fall, FSU launched FAST, which stands for the Financial Awareness Student Team.

Sara Dew, Director of Financial Aid at FSU, said it’s a student-to-student initiative, designed to emphasize the importance of making financially sound decisions.

“What we want to do is use these students for outreach on campus,” Dew said. “We want to actually learn from them on how we can get this important message out about: budgeting your money, borrowing money and how decisions you make now affect you in the future, and just trying to take a few moments to have students stop and think about the decisions they’re making.”

Dew said they are starting off the program by hiring two students.

FSU will train the students this semester to begin presenting to prospective and current students in January.