Michigan House members showered with fake million dollar bills


Michigan Public Radio Network


“We want to end corruption!” shouted protesters from the state House gallery Wednesday as they showered Michigan lawmakers with hundreds of fake million dollar bills.

“When do we want it?” – “Now!”

The group Represent.Us said Michigan has one of the worst records of government corruption in the nation. It cites a report by the State Integrity Investigation that gave Michigan a failing grade in that area.

State Rep. Pete Lund said the protest was out of line.

“The idea of starting to throw things around, it’s just… it’s arrogance thinking that they’re more important than everybody else,” Lund told reporters immediately after the demonstration.

“There’s a process in place. I assume, if they are from Michigan, they get a vote, they can talk to their representative.”

The protesters peacefully left the House chamber after the display, escorted by House sergeants.

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