Report: Teachers leaving field


More and more Michigan teachers are leaving the field. This according to a recent study done by Bridge Magazine. It shows that about 10 percent of teachers are leaving their first year. As many as 40 percent leave within four years.

The Michigan Education Association said the problem is even worse in high-poverty school where the students need the experienced teachers most.

Thomas Morgan is the MEA spokesman said, the teaching profession has been under attack by people who want to privatize and make profits off of children being educated.

“I think it’s time we start treating teachers and other school employees with the respect they deserve. Instead of attacking them and constantly going after their already low pay and benefits and start investing in things like basic classroom supplies. Start investing in our school buildings and start investing in our local communities to insure not only school employees get what they need to do their job but kids get the resources they need to succeed in college and the workplace.”

Morgan went on to say that in the end the children are the ones who are suffering.